Tuesday, April 7, 2009

garden update

we have been eager to get into the garden and as you can see from this photo we are trying to maximize food production from our modest urban plot.  our four raised beds are only half way there (the two on the right still need the sod and winter cover crop turned over - each bed it 14ft long by 5 ft wide) but to the far right and bottom of the photo you can see where we tore up the concrete in front of the garage to make more beds.  we are just a short way in to a long term project...our hope is to lay brick paths between the beds (we saved the bricks from our crumbling chimneys) and plant fruit trees along the fence to the left of the photo.  we already have 3 rain barrels around the house and can't wait to plant nut and berry producing hedges to act as windbreaks.  a real urban homestead in the making.  we are grateful our nearby friends have the room for chickens and others are even planning for rabbits and fish ponds for meat.

backyard spring 09

backyard spring 09

so we have seeds in the ground and some lovely seedlings coming up behind the garage...and then april sends us a blast of winter cold.  all day we have had sporadic sunshine and snow as well as hail showers.  last night dipped below freezing and we are expecting the same for tonight.

this photo (below) shows our peas growing nicely but surrounded by hail pellets and that cloth is our row-cover...an attempt at saving the spinach, beet, lettuce, and radish seedlings that have sprung up.

backyard spring 09

and here is a nice collection of hail on one of the rhubarb leaves.

backyard spring 09

the tulips were open basking in the sun yesterday....

backyard spring 09

today they were closed against the snow.

backyard spring 09


maria said...

These are great pics. The peas look good -- ours are just beginning to emerge, one by one. I need to drop by and see all your hard work.

Tim Jeffries said...

Oh guys, this warms my heart. I've been finding it hard to get motivated for a winter crop here. I realise you're coming into warmer weather but maybe this will be enough.

Great to get your news too. Sending you love from Aus. T.